Eat what you love.

The other day I was leaning over the stove making my breakfast and I thought “I really love this breakfast.”

One of my favourite breakfasts is scrambled eggs made with chopped peppers and a bit of onion and topped with fresh dill, feta and olives if I have them. I eat this with a slice of gluten-free sourdough from the bakery up the street.

I’m a huge egg person. We eat a lot of eggs (like a lot). My friend has a family farm and her son delivers lovely eggs to our door every week.

Making my favourite breakfast got me thinking about eating food that we really love but that also makes us feel good

People look at healthy eating as a chore and bland. But what if we looked at it like we’re nourishing our bodies to be healthy and vibrant?

What can we do with the food that we love (that doesn’t love us — hello bloating and gas) to tweak it so that we can enjoy our favourite foods while feeling great after eating them?

On the flip side, how can we take a food that seems boring and bland and add something to it that tastes rich and enjoyable?

Life is too short not to enjoy what you’re eating, but it’s also too short to feel heavy and full of regret after eating food that doesn’t agree with us.

How can we reach a balance so we feel great all the time no matter what we eat?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I love cheese, but I don’t feel well after eating it. So I discovered years ago that I can tolerate goat and sheep cheese quite well. When I’m making my favourite breakfast, I use sheep or goat feta instead of cow feta.

The same goes for gluten-free sourdough. I don’t feel the greatest after eating white bread or wheat in general so I researched what I could eat instead. I love bread so I choose to eat gluten-free sourdough.

Eating healthfully doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. It takes getting to know your body and what feels good when you eat it (or don’t eat it).

Quick Breakfast Recipe

  • Saute any veggies you have–I used red pepper and sliced onion.
  • Add to the pan 2-3 scrambled eggs
  • Once the eggs are cooked through, add to your plate and add fresh dill, goat feta cheese and pepper. I also added a bit of kimchi

If you need help figuring out how to make some small changes to your meals I’m here to help! Send me a note and we can work on a custom meal plan just for you full of foods you’ll love to eat.

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