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The blog has taken a summer holiday of sorts but as the nights draw in I’m looking forward to getting stuck back in to some nutritious writing!

Over the last couple of weeks though I have been scribbling pieces for some fantastic blogs and bloggers who are bigger fish in the internet sea than me.

However, for LEC Nutrition readers I didn’t want you to miss out.

PCOS is a condition affecting up to 15% of women of child bearing age. Are you one of them or do you know someone who is?

Read more on how to manage symptoms here via the wonderful honestmum.

Do you suffer from #hanger? I definitely do! Hunger always makes me grumpy! Could you do with feeling a little more chirpy at work? What and how we eat can have quite an influence on mood and how we perform at work. As a subject close to my heart, I enjoyed writing this blog for the Undercover Recruiter-

– read all here.

This was quite a timely blog as workplace wellness seminars delivered by yours truly are well under way now. Could your workplace benefit from a thought provoking and informative lunch break exploring the power of nutrition for optimal mental resilience, performance and well-being at work? Contact me for more information.


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