5 products for extra protein in your diet

We always watch our sugar, salt, or calorie intake but, do we ever pay a littleattention to our protein intake? I am pretty sure not many of us keep a checkon our protein intake. Protein is an important nutrient that is found all overthe body and performs a key role in keeping the cells in good form.

The consumption of a protein-rich diet gives an instant energy boost that we needto keep going throughout the day. If you are not aware of the incrediblebenefits of one of the most important nutrients of the body, let me take you ona short ride to introduce the many advantages that you can reap out just byenhancing your protein intake.

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Paneer is a great source to helpincrease the protein content in the body. It is an important part of the Indiancuisine which is super nourishing & healthy. It is a good option forvegetarians to stock up on protein. It tastes amazing when it is available inits purest form without any chemicals or preservatives. You can make paneerbhurji, paneer capsicum, sauteed paneer or shahi paneer with this one amazingingredient. Just ensure to either use homemade paneer or order paneer dishes froman authentic food service serving chemical-free, tasty, &healthy paneer meals.


Mushroom is another great plant-based source of protein that is low incalories and has zero fat or cholesterol. Mushroom packs a powerful punch whenit comes to keeping your heart healthy, strengthening your bones, gives energy,boost your immune system, and help lower cholesterol levels. You can includemushrooms in your daily diet in many ways because they are versatile and cansettle in any preparation like Matar mushroom, Mushroom masala, Kadai mushroom,Mushroom capsicum, Mushroom salad, Mushroom soups, etc. along with otherveggies to enhance the experience of the whole dish.


Rajma-chawal has a unique fan base andis an all-time favourite dish in the Indian household. Apart from beingdelicious, Rajma aka kidney beans are a storehouse of proteins that serves as agood source of protein. Besides being a rich source of protein, it alsopromotes digestion and keeps the heart healthy. The presence of potassium inRajma makes it an ideal choice for patients with high blood pressure as well.Rajma makes a great addition to salad and soups too.

Chana Dal

Chana aka chickpeas and Dal aka lentilsis the dream team to get a daily dose of protein. They both can be easily foundin every Indian household. When mixed, it gives a delicious flavour that fitsperfectly when served with hot piping chapatis or rice. This power-packed comboupholds an array of nutritional benefits that include keeping the hearthealthy, gives strong muscles, boost immunity, aids in weight loss, etc. If youget bored of eating them together, eat separately as a part of your meal to ampprotein intake and other associated benefits.


Matar aka Green peas can be added inseveral ways that enhance the taste of the food and also gives a protein boostto your diet. Matar is also packed with a wide range of nutrients to your dietthat benefits your health in so many ways. Not just protein, matar also helpsin weight loss, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, promotes digestion, andhelps in building immunity too. You could get these amazing health benefitsthrough matar paneer, matar mushroom, or matar pulao.

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