Sattvic Diet: 6 Best Sattvic Foods to Add in Your Regular Diet

has been the talk of the town more than ever since the outbreak of the deadly
Coronavirus. It is good to see that people are becoming health conscious and following
a healthy
like never before
in order to keep themselves fit and build a stronger immune system to
effectively fight off any infection or virus.

all know that fad diets are very popular, especially in the fitness world.
People tend to follow such diets in order to reach their fitness goals in a
short span of time, keeping aside the harmful side-effects associated with it. However, in the
present scenario the health freaks don’t want to invest in promising fat loss
supplements or fad diets rather they are turned towards the traditional diets
to maintain their outer as well as inner well-being. And, that’s when “Sattvic Diet”
comes into the scene.

am sure you have heard of this popular term here or there, but if you’re not
sure what it actually is and the incredible benefits associated with it. Let’s
take this short ride to know all about the Sattvic diet and the best Sattvik
foods that you should be eating.


is a Sattvic Diet?

Sattvic, as the name
suggests means purity, health, balanced mind, and well-being. It is excellent
to maintain the well-being of the body and mind because it is made up of fresh
ingredients and 100% pure. This diet is based on Ayurvedic principles and is
focused on food that is low in calories, spices, and high in nutritional value.

food is natural, pure, and an energy booster. For this reason, a
person following this wholesome diet tends to be calmer, happier, and have a
positive mindset which is crucial to stay mentally healthy. The food which is
processed, refined, deep-fried, or kept for long is not considered Sattvic.
Caffeinated drinks, alcohol, sugar drinks, and non-veg food also don’t fall
under this pure diet.

Before diving in, let me introduce you to some amazing benefits of a Sattvic diet:

  • Stronger the immune system
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Promotes better digestion
  • It rejuvenates the body and flushes out
    harmful toxins
  • It helps to bring mental clarity
  • It doesn’t give the feeling of lethargy
    that you usually get after eating
  • It doesn’t feel heavy
  • It gives a boost of energy

natural form of diet is always appraised by the Yogis across the world, and now
the fitness world is slowly going back to it too. Here are the best Sattvic
foods that you should incorporate in your regular diet to get the maximum
benefits all at once.

Fresh Seasonal Fruits

is the time when most of us follow the Sattvic diet for a term of 9
days. During this
auspicious period, people eat fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables because
they are naturally low in fat and high in water thus considered an important
part of the Sattvic diet. Whether you’re fasting or not fresh organic fruits
should be consumed everyday. You can also drink fresh juices either homemade or
from a brand like OMJOOS serving refreshing cold-pressed juices
made that are 100% pure and free from any artificial preservatives and are safe
to drink while following the diet.

Following are some of the top-picks:

  • Apples
  • Mangoes
  • Bananas
  • Papayas
  • Cherries
  • Melons
  • Guavas
  • Grapes


all crave for sweet food and there is nothing wrong with that. So, if you are following a Sattvic, you
don’t need to worry about satisfying your sweet tooth because luckily honey,
one of the best natural sweeteners is considered among the top Saatvik food.
Nevertheless, this is to give importance that the commercially bought honey
infused with refined sugar is not the right choice. If you have access to pure
and organic honey, consider buying only then.

Else maple syrup, sugarcane juice,
jaggery, dates, figs, and fruits are also safe to eat to satisfy sweet cravings
the Sattvic way.

Vegetables with Moderate Spices

We all know the amazing benefits of
eating greens and the good part is that they are part of Sattvic diet too. Eating
fresh seasonal green vegetables cooked with moderate spices and finest quality
of ingredients falls under this Ayurvedic diet. Potatoes, carrots, and green
beans are also other great options to have. Just avoid cooking with garlic,
mushroom, chillies or onion because that breaks the principle of what a Sattvic
diet is. You can also sip on pure vegetable juices to fulfil the intake in a
fun way.

Desi Ghee

Used in day to day cooking, Ghee should
make a part of your Sattvic diet. It has made to our list of best Sattvic foods
because of its vitality and purity. The antioxidants present in desi ghee help
to keep the body healthy inside out. However, we would advise you to use
freshly churned desi ghee at home. Being the healthiest fat available, ensure
you consume it in moderation because excess consumption of desi ghee can lead to
many ill effects. Moderation is the key, always remember that.

Sprouted Whole Grains

Packed in with a lot of nutrition, whole
grains make an important of the Sattvic lifestyle. Whole-grain wheat, barley,
rice, millet, quinoa and oats are some of the many grains that can be added to
any meal of the day. They are high in fibre thus keep the sudden hunger pangs
away, cleanses the body, boost immunity, and helps in weight-loss too.

Nuts and Seeds

These little wonders are your best go-to
food for following a Sattvic lifestyle. You can consume them freshly as snacks
or infuse them with some recipe to make a tasty protein-rich dish. Don’t over
roast them as it will minimize their Sattvic properties. It is also recommended
to soak them with water for their fast digestion. Almonds, walnuts, sesame
seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and pine nuts are some of the good choices
that are acceptable in this diet.


We always hear about the varied fad diets
benefiting physical health, but do they give the inner peace that the Sattvic
diet does? When they say “Old is gold”, no wonder why this natural diet is
taking the nation by storm, especially in the diet world. They are light,
fresh, nutritious, and healthy.

is the easiest way to reboot your system and achieve a peaceful feeling. So,
start including the Sattvic foods listed above and many more in your diet to
see incredible changes in your mind, body, or soul, and eliminate the over
sour, salty, spicy, and leftovers.

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